Adhikaar is a non-profit organisation which was founded in the year 2017

. Today, it is India’s leading independent child rights NGO. As of December 2018, we work in 19 states of India. Started in 2008 in India, and registered as ‘Adhikaar’, we have changed the lives of more than 10.1 million (1.1 crore) children till date. In the year 2018, we reached 12.03 lakh children.

Adhikaar believes that every child deserves the best chance for a bright future and that’s why we are fiercely committed towards ensuring that children not only survive, but thrive. We run programmes in the remotest corners of India and urban areas to provide quality education and healthcare, protection from harm and abuse and life-saving aid during emergencies to children. Globally, Save the Children is present in more than 80 countries and works to improve the lives of the most vulnerable children living there.